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“Wedding Day”, metal and yarn, h-90”, w-36”, 1996

“Urban Communication” series - Once, I lived in a horrible neighborhood in Chicago. Streets were full of violence at night and garbage during the day.Broken sidewalks, metal gates, fallen fences, broken cans and bottles were everywhere. It was such a depressing place. That was all I could afford at the time.

One winter afternoon , the first snow, like an artist, performed its magic and covered all the dirt and garbage, painting the illusion of peace. I was on my way to college. The streets were white and empty. All of a sudden, the sun hit the sky, and I witnessed the most beautiful spark of light going through the green glass beer bottles, lying naked in the fresh white snow.

At that moment, I felt a breath of hope, that there is a “light in the darkness”…. and my “Urban Communication” sculpture project began thereafter.